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Before Spa Francorchamps


We are just a few days from the 2nd meeting at Spa Francorchamps, which takes place the week-end of the 1st and 2nd of May. It’s a route I’m looking forward to run on, because of its history, but also because of its exceptional 7.3km long track.

Here is the “live timing” in order to follow the tests and races timings live.



Friday April 30th

Collective tests at 12:25 & 16:55

Saturday May 1st

Qualifying session at 11:00

Race 1 at 16:35

Sunday May 2nd

Race 2 at 10:50

Videos of Motorland Races


Summary of the 2 Alcaniz races :

F4 Eurocup 1.6 – Motorland Aragon
envoyé par FFSA-tv. – Course et crash spectaculaires en vidéo.

After Motorland Alcaniz


This first meeting at Alcaniz was an overall good week-end for me. Arrived on the Thursday, we first did a walked recognitionround : there were many reliefs and vibrators who mustn’t be taken. Then I settled my pedal assembly and position.

The first free tests sequence was a sequence for learning the route. I did the 10th timing but I was blocked in the traffic. In the 2nd sequence, I rapidly got the rhythm and did the 4th timing by a better run of the traffic.

The qualifying tests took place on the Saturday morning, and lasted 25 minutes on a wet but drying track. For each pilot, the best timing sets the first race starting grid position, and the second best timing sets the second race starting grid position. In the race 1, I started 5th, and 3rd in the race 2. I was thus satisfied with my morning performance. Heavy rain started in the afternoon. We thus set the rain tyres for our first race. On departure, too much slipping is to be avoided, in order to take a good start. I kept my position and arrived 5th at the first turn. After few laps, I did a mistake and blocked my front wheels at the end of the straight line, which made me lose 2 ranks. I thus finished this race at the 7th position.

The race 2 took place at 10:30 the next day. The track was wet, but with the Formula Renault 3.5 qualifications that happened before us, it was slowly drying, and it had stopped raining. Until the last moment, the technical staff didn’t know whether to put the slick tyres or not, but they finally did it. Therefore, we ran on a grassy track, but with slick tyres. On departure, where I was 3rd, I lost a place that I took back in the first lap. During the first 3 laps I kept my position until a small mistake (I missed a gear) which set me at the 4th position. In the 7th lap, I was very rapid and gradually getting closer to the 3rd, but by pushing too much, I committed another small mistake of which the 5th took advantage and passed me. I thus completed this race with the 4th best timing, and the 5th position.

The result of this week-end is positive : I scored good points for the championship and gained experience. I’m 5th ex aequo.

Before Motorland Alcaniz


Only a few more days to wait, and then the first race ! It will take place on the Alcaniz Motorland race track, the 16th, 17th and 18th of April.

The tests continue for me in a satisfying way. The last test gave us the opportunity to run in the new tyres for the first race, and to perform starting tests.

Meanwhile, I had a chat with the Liberté Dimanche and Paris Normandie journalists, in order to establish portraits and to take stock early in the season. Besides this monitoring, France 3 Normandie made the trip to Le Mans to devote a video report to my activities, which will soon get on to TV. A video report has been made on Ouest France site (where I run a few laps with the new Formula Renault for the KS Team) and Normandie TV interviewed me too. I also received my painted helmet.

Before the race, we’ll attend conferences at Le Mans, about physical and mental preparation, dietary, rules, media training and English lessons. They’ll take place on the Monday and Tuesday before the race, and we’ll leave on Wednesday to Motorland Alcaniz.

Here the “live timing” , in order to follow the timings during the tests sessions and during the races.


Saturday April 17th : Qualifiers tests at 11:00, 1st race at 16:45

 Sunday April 18th : 2nd race at 10:20